How to Sing Emotionally

Hi this is Freya with your next thing into thanks for tuning in today today I want to talk about how can you sound more emotional than you sing so whenever you sing a song you don't want to sound neutral you wanna really really really bring the point across and just have people be glued with their ears and with their eyes on what you're doing and what you're singing so if you want to find out more about how to sound great and emotional stay tuned so you can already hit the pitches perfectly we have great intonation and vibrato all that kind of stuff but sometimes it seems like there's a little element missing and maybe that's just that little pinch of sound of color in your voice that makes everything sound more emotional have you ever thought about what do you actually do when you are truly emotional whenever you're speaking you do all kinds of stuff with your voice you do all kinds of f ker batiks it's actually amazing what the human voice can do just imagine you're sitting there with a friend in a restaurant over a burger and fries and you're just having a relaxed conversation so I'm talking to my friend yeah it's a wonderful day how do you do how have you been oh this food is really great and then all of a sudden the ketchup drips on your nice new white shirt and you go like oh no and then you see a person walk by that you can't stand at all and you just grow a like man you see that person it doesn't them total to me I don't like him at all next thing you know your friend tells you something really amazing you're like no way oh I can't believe that so do you see how many voice colors we actually use in the course of normal conversations however a lot of times when we start to sing we just sing very cleanly and everything is just perfect but it's just really lacking that little element of voice color of that oh oh hmm oh no it might sound funny when you do it like this as an exercise but it's really true pay attention to what people do when they speak and as a matter of fact also if you have great singers that you might admire listen to them and you will find that a lot of times it's not just that clean sound some there's a little bit of some people call it dirty sound but it's not actually dirty it's actually that pinch of emotional miss that is in your voice which is very human and that's the element we actually want to hear in order to really believe that someone's actually going through all this so let's do a little experiment here now I'm singing a phrase so clean now let's do it a little bit more emotional I still like I really really miss someone and I'm just heartbroken that he's not here oh I'm not singing very clean phrase did you hear that heartache in there and had some vocal fry in it and but instead of explaining all the technique about it I think it's so much more helpful just to access our memories and what we do when we truly feel that way now if I sang the phrase like I'm really aggravated would sound different now I'm singing out very dirty phrase you see I changed a lot of things I changed the attack I did a little more glottal it found it hard I did it I did it more flat it sounded a little bit more wide and that's just how I expressed my anger now if I really loved someone and I was singing something very really tender phrase so you see you can have so many voice colors it's it makes such a huge difference and to me it's so much easier trying to think of what would I do if I were speaking that way and how do I really feel then explaining all the technique about it because you could go into all these details what you actually do technically but then it gets really artificial and stiff and that's what you don't want you want to sound genuine and authentic and real and in order to do that you need to allow those voice colors to get into your voice a lot of times we're just afraid or we're just we're conscious of like okay I don't know this is embarrassing if I do this but it's the same way like an actor has to access all those voice colors in order to sound credible otherwise it's just neutral and I won't believe where do you think and that's your job as a singer to make it real and authentic and to not be embarrassed about anything that you do but just to let it all out dare to do it take a chance you can't really do anything wrong it's like okay when you practice that's your time to make your mistakes or you know something goes wrong vocally it didn't work out but take those chances especially when your practice start taking chances don't be on the safe side when you perform that's boring and also always playing it safe you won't learn as much as taking a risk and maybe falling flat on your face something doesn't work your voice is cracking and you're not getting the pitch but that's so much better because you're learning to handle your voice and you're learning where your limits are and what voice colors you can get so it's so much more fun to let this all happen and to allow it so this was my vocal tip for today maybe you feel really motivated now to try and access all your voice colors and be really really emotional if you like this video I would really appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and also let if you like to if you have not already subscribe to my channel I upload a new singing a video every Friday and also I have a blog that you may want to check out under Rio singing which I will link up below and you know of course all that's left to say is always keep on singing and always keep some in your heart have a wonderful day.

Hi there. are you a singer who is just dying to put more emotion into your singing but when you try to get more emotion in there it really doesn't happen? well then this video is just for you. hi I'm vocal trainer Sally Morgan and I wrote the book on contemporary vocal training – literally. it's called sing like you speak simply and naturall.y and in this series of videos we are looking at all the different ways that a singer can be a powerful singer. have you ever been working on a song with a voice teacher or a producer and you're not quite getting to the emotion of the song and the person you're working with says we'll take that line and speak it. now why would somebody do that? it's because when we speak, we speak to someone about something. and in that speaking to someone we are trying to convince them of something. we are telling them we love them. there's there's all sorts of things that go on when you're speaking to someone.

And sometimes when you take that same phrase and you sing it you forget what you were trying to say in the first place. well this is the basis for everything we do in sing like you speak. because when you speak in normal everyday conversation your pitch your pitch moves all over the place. and it moves in response to what you are trying to say, who you're talking to, and what you want out of that other person. so that's the foundation of what you're going to find in sing like you speak. but let me demonstrate something for you here. so there's this wonderful little blues that's called centerpiece and if I do it like this… the more I'm with you pretty baby the more I feel my love increase. I'm really saying you know what I don't care at all about you but I really want to hit those pitches just right. so if I take that and I say it, the more I'm with you pretty baby the more I feel my love increase. right I can't say that line monotone. the more I'm with you pretty baby the more I feel my love increase.

But that's what I was doing when I was singing it! it was flatlining emotionally. so in sing like you speak what we do… the more the more I'm with you pretty baby. we match our speech to musical pitch. now there's a lot more to learn about that but the tip I want to pass on to you is: that your speech is the place for you to begin to be emotionally powerful in your singing. that's the key. because the more I with you pretty baby the more I feel my love increase I'm building all my dreams around you and I can go on with that it feels so great! because I am using those lyrics as though I'm speaking to someone. what if I speak to somebody else? what happens? the more I'm with you pretty baby the more I feel my love increase. and that's speaking to a very young child.

That's something very different than speaking to a man that I love. and that thought process changes the color and it changes the emotion. so if you're trying to be emotionally powerful speak to someone. someone very specific. and speak about something. so give that tip a try to put more emotional power in your singing. please give this video a thumbs up like and share it with your friends! and there are more videos in this series as we explore what is powerful singing. So I'll see you in the next video. Be sure to check out more singing lessons we have on the how to sing page.

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