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Keith Urban is my favorite country singer and I recently started performing some more country music in my live show and if we're really enjoying it kind of exploring a different part of my voice but I realized that doing a country voice isn't so much about doing that voice it's more about just a stylistic choice that you make as a vocalist and Keith Urban is an excellent example of that in the fact that he's not from the south of the United States he's from Australia but he has this very thick American country southern accent when he sings country music sings any of his music which all of its country I guess and so it goes to show you that anyone can sing country another group brothers Osbourne just one CMA duo of the year and I've actually known John for a long time your guitar player he played guitar on my first couple albums and I was really proud of them but they're from Maryland so Maryland and country music that's not something that you think about going together or a country accent or southern accent with Maryland Maryland's in northern state right so I'm actually from North Carolina which is a southern state and I used to have a very southern accent when I was growing up I just kind of lost it a bit when I was traveling but I brought it back to some music and I want to help you guys discover your own country voice because it might be really beautiful we're gonna stick with Keith Urban's song stupid boy with this so if I was gonna sing it with a non country accent I might go like this she was precious like though she grew one bun innocent so that's a non country accent a lot of it is just kind of adding twang and when I say twang I mean actually that kind of sound so instead of word word it's just a little bit more southern the sound you know and it's kind of fun to do and the other thing stylistically is adding a little bit more of chest resonance a little bit of the lower overtones most country singers they would sing with a she was precious Lac loud they'd sing more of that kind of I'm I'm really a man so I've got a lot of low overtones in my voice she was precious like flower get out do like that she was one Wow didn't innocent that's even a little bit more than Keith Urban Oh country it so but Keith Urban we go [Music] birth prayer in a desperate out she was everything beautiful now the chorus goes up to a G over middle C which is a pretty kind of high voice note for the average guides and note this a little bit of actually it's kind of a trouble note for a lot of guys so let's go over that and some different things that we can do in order to build up the ability to sing that note stupid you can't fence that in you stay [Music] which like hold back the man laughter heart and soul right in your hand store every dream and you crushed her [Music] never even knew she had the choice that's what happens when the only voice stupid law all right so the highest note is there that's what happens [Music] that's the G right there okay so that's the most difficult no there's a couple things that we can do the problem with actually singing a lot higher for a lot of country music is getting in those low overtones when you start going higher it's hard to pull up those low overtones and also blend into head resonance because those those overtones kind of fall away in head resonance if you listen to Led Zeppelin singing you'll notice he doesn't have a lot of low overtones in his voice that's because he's saying a lot of higher stuff and all in head resonance like there are no jobs it's a rocky road bailout Jam since I hit the show you know that's all that's a B so that's like really high notes for guys it's actually really easy to do I'm saying you just have to sing it and head head resonance and then you can add in a little bit of that extra power but anyway we'll get into that in extra and other videos so right now we're sticking stole her every dream and he crushed her legs never even knew she had the choice that's what happens when the only voice she hears I open up my throat a little bit for that um that note that high G just to kind of I kind of think why didn't open what I'm doing that and the other thing is in order to keep those low overtones into that note because it is a little bit of higher note I add a little bit of like a nasal resonance sound to it so you'll notice it goes just a little bit more nasally for that that portion so one more time oh and one more thing I also breathe right before I do the high note so I give myself a nice relaxing breath right before I go into the high note and that makes it easier instead of trying to carry it all the way through so watch this look to heart it's all right in your hands never even knew she had the choice and that's what happens when the only voice she dares still sorry wasn't sure what note I was going to do there so in order to learn to sing these songs how often do the songs higher than the actual original versions and approach them from different places okay because you'll realize that you find different spots in your voice and ways of approaching the note by doing this so now we're singing an A on the highest note which is a pretty tough note for guys will notice my voice changes as I do this and it has to certain overtones start to fall out all right that's why in country music there aren't a lot of eggs and a lot of this higher register stuff just only Rascal Flatts really does that and that guy's got a very thin voice because they like to keep the lower overtones within country music never even knew she had the choice that's what happens when the only boy she hears Stella and she never even knew she had a choice that's what happens when the only boys cheek is Stella nurse cheek and stupid boy now we're gonna drop it down half a tone lower than the original Keith Urban version alright let's do it all these different keys because it's really good because you find these places in your voice and these um and you also discover what key is best for you to sing it in because everyone is different never even knew she had the choice that's what happens when the only boys ears telling her she can't hope this helps you guys out talk you sin please leave me a comment or something just say hello leave me a comment love you guys.

hey guys it's Kim Snyder director of The Voice Club with a couple quick tips for you on how to sing country now the thing is people think they can sing one genre one style and it's usually the style that they sung most in their life but what they don't realize is there are just little tiny little nuances between different genres or different styles of music that change and make them sound more in this case country fact for instance if you're going to sing country there are a couple things you prob probably out of he up in there like a slide sliding to notes we use this in other styles of music but in country it's kind of a lazy summer day we ship in your us to can't a slide so let's take the song for instance crazy I'm crazy boy okay slot Oh la pipes slide out some country slots to it and it'll sound more country five here's another one for you grit and growl now grit and growl which is basically vocal fry' uh we use this in different kinds of styles of music it's in jazz it's in rock it's in all those places but the grit growl in country and so I'm combing great Rao it's got a little bit more Wow kind of rub it up your engine and spinning your tires in the mud even on a song as that mellow as crazy a little mm going in there so yeah a little grit and growl especially on some of the more upbeat country songs it just kind of sounds like it's just brave in your engine I've got a horrible country accent but that's the next one twang now I'm not a southern girl I was born almost to the Canadian border of the United States but so so all my friends and my students who are southern yes I'm massacring it it's true but it's also true that when you sing country music even if you're from the west coast the east coast or anywhere else Australia that a little twang goes a nice long way in country right because it goes along with the roots of country which is in places have that kind of accent so chew on those vowels crazy right now if you're a student of the voice Club you know that certain vowels are going to cause horrible trouble for your voice in reaching notes in certain places and if you're working with one of the voice club instructors you know where those places are where you should avoid chewing on those vowels so much which notes which words are those you know that so in that framework you want to go busy in country cries like I'm crazy vile and without you it's kind of like just chowing on something makes it a little bit more countrified another thing we do in styling country music is to dig in again it's the whole spinning your tires in the mud kind of thing ah like God blessed the broken road brings me back to you it's that little mmm-mmm-mmm on every little word just kind of digs in a little bit gives it that kind of country little flavor and then most importantly as in all styles of music go to town I'd explain what that meant not too long ago to some of my artist students go to town just means take it go all the way it used to be a long way to town you see that's where that comes from take what you're doing go a little over the top and if you're really brave go way over the top and just kind of see what it sounds like get your slides really big ah great and growl add some of that into there twang all those little vowels and those words and just make them all countrified and dig into the phrases like you made it that's it go to town with that experiment a little bit go over the top and then the next time you want to sing country seriously you're out with your friends doing karaoke night you have to sing a country song at a wedding you'll understand some of the little nuances that we do to style country and to make it sound not like a pop singer singing country or a jazz singer singing country or a classical singer singing country but you just sound country that's a good thing go do it. Please visit the how to sing page where we have more lessons by topic.

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