How to Sing Clearly

Hey there Reggie burly vocal coach here so I'm going to answer another question for you I'm here in my studio in Hollywood and I received this one I believe this was on YouTube but anyway the question was I want my words to be clear but not sound like I'm an opera singer trying to sing pop I understand that one so well people say I either mumble or sound too mechanical what can I do first of all understand that your vowel sounds and what you're singing are always going to help you enunciate and help your words to come out a lot more clear ok so just just try to get that at first then what's going to happen not and I can't tell you because I'm I haven't seen you I don't know exactly what habits that you have I was trained initially of doing a lot more you know legitimate music pop more operatic and I trained for musical theater and all of that so yeah I would have the tendency to sound a little more operatic evil and I was then switched and started doing just pop stuff but then you start to understand that you can change your sound by how you position things like I mean let me just show you a little example here I'm going to do happy birthday I'm going to try to demonstrate how my vowel sounds can stay right very very prominent happy birthday to you I'm hearing all of those vowel sounds very ooh I'm focusing on that if I weren't doing that happy birthday to you happy birthday that it does sound like I'm mumbling it will start to fall back my throat the words are not going to come out very clearly okay then the other thing that can happen is if I'm singing and I'm bringing in a lot more of my head voice and typically what I'm going to do that by opening my mouth a lot more developing this big operatic so happy birthday to you happy birthday same pitch but a completely different sound because I am opening and bringing in a different kind of resonance and then I can go back happy birthday to and really close it you happy birthday a and a less sound I have their feeling where I'm getting a different kind of quality in that I could close it even more and start to create what would be more considered a traditional kind of rock sound in that too so it's all about that but again I'd have to know exactly what your body is doing what particular habits you're having to be able to tell you you know specifically but try that first starting out and you know focusing on your vowel sounds no matter what is going to also help your your technique it's going to keep your voice in a much better place and over time just doing that you'll be amazed how it's going to start to shave your voice and you probably won't end up getting hoarse or losing your voice after you've been singing for a really long time as well alright so I hope that helps you and keep those questions coming see you real soon now if you would like to work with me personally to develop the voice of your dreams be sure and check the links below also be sure and engage leave comments and share this with your friends subscribe to the channel and I'll see you real soon. Please see our main page with more singing tips and lessons.

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