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Hey folks thanks so much for clicking on this video to watch this YouTube channel is called bass singing central this is my buddy Paul Harkey all sings bass for Ernie Haase and signature sound and if you haven't watched any of the tip videos yet on this channel be sure to watch those subscribe while you're here at the channel what we're hoping to do with this channel here on YouTube is grow a community of bass singers of young guys old guys it doesn't matter any age where we can all come together we can encourage each other we can inspire each other to become better singers to become lower singers higher singers whatever you need work on as a bass singer hopefully we can all help each other out and and not just give tips but maybe even some vocal exercises in the future and things like that but one of the things I really want to do is talk to other bass singers you know I can sit on camera and talk about my experience but I could it only goes so far everyone has a different road of how they've gotten to where they are and the style of voice and this type of basing that they do so this is Paul and I just wanted to ask Paul a few questions about his journey as a bass singer and really just have a discussion about bay singing maybe that'll help some of you guys out so Paul was trained well he went to college for voice and did you go to college for anything else oh well I was a trumpet player but I quit that and just changed my scholarship de bois I went as a church music major and I was trained as a baritone actually how did I learn to sing bass but I wasn't there even in college so I was trained out my tips probably are better for a bass singer that may want to increase his high range a little bit which will also help open up the low range right as you know yeah and well I have go ahead I had to learn how I have really bad asthma so I had to relearn how to breathe I didn't know how to breathe properly when I was singing and I would get out of breath and I would get panicky and then I would have an asthma attack and it just looks bad bad news so I had to learn how to sing from my diaphragm because I was just faking it basically with my chest and mmm my vocal instructor that's I mean we worked on that all the time and he was we were dumb I mean we were on the extremes the low notes and the super high notes and but his main focus was everything in the middle making sure everything in your mid-range is exactly where it needs to be and just being a singer and not just you know just focusing on the melody and making it pretty correct tone placement is exactly where it's supposed to be and if anybody out there is just wanting to know how to get started get yourself educated on how to sing properly if you really really want to sing and you really want to be in a group or you really want to sing in your choir even make sure you find the help you need that will show you proper technique and proper breathing is such a huge huge factor so would you say that you know technique training breathing is you know some of the same tips that being like you said being trained as more of a baritone singer now singing bass and a male quartet now those things are still relevant oh yeah and and definitely a big part of what you're doing today even though it's so different from what you originally kind of been trained to do in school yes definitely and always sing in your range that's a big deal too right when I first started singing that courts had I met you then back about what six seven years ago yeah probably and I had no idea what I was doing because I was singing bass too and I have been severity neither you don't listen to what we had I was I was going to that second gear down below low C but I was growling all the time because I didn't know how to do it right and I didn't know what I was doing so I've sought out some really good help with some great bass singers and if you're not a natural freak of nature a singer like this guy you can learn how to play stones and your mask and stabilize your neck and breathe correctly to go to that second gear down there and make it sound like a tone and not a growl so so you know going on that since you mentioned it there's a there's a lot of guys out there that and I'm sure you get the question a lot too at concerts you know they're young guys they're middle-aged guys even if they're older guys that are just now trying to really work on their basing and they say hey I've heard about you know singing from your mask your placement up in here this area just give just a short you know maybe someday we'll get to sit down with someone like 10 Reilly or deaf Chapman that have have mastered the art of doing that maybe someday we can sit with them and really dig deep into that but for now just give these guys that maybe have heard about or even if they haven't just give them a couple ideas of how they can start work on that a little bit now I'll just have to show him was okay that's fine man do what you got to do what Jeff and Tim first showed me was you have to have I mean you gotta blow your nose you just got to blow your nose you have to use saline spray whatever you need to do a neti pot something to get your nasal passages clear I've been doing it so long now I don't know how it's sing without my nasal passages clearing my nose blown and everything's out of there the first thing you do after that is you pinch your nose to where nothing's coming in or going out close your mouth and you know how you pop your ears yeah you just do that like when you're on a plane and you want to regulate the pressure pop your ears and you you just start blowing air from your diaphragm pretty hard like you're blowing it up through here out your eyeballs even is what it feels like just let a little bit air out in your humming and pushing that tone through your see how my voice is automatically a little bit louder a little more projection there is because that tone is automatically put in your mask and that is what your mask is all those resonating chambers and your nose and your nasal passages can be used to project your tone and what three are there hi singers you know they sing a lot louder than we do right right and so you have to have that projection to not stick out but to be heard right well that I mean that will give them at least a starting point out on trying to learn get them kind of going in that direction of learning that technique maybe like I said someday we can get those guys and they be go a little bit more depth maybe a few more ideas on it but it's it's a technique that several guys a lot of guys use in gospel music maybe some of you watching are not in gospel music but you're still sing basing in a quartet and you're looking for something to maybe help you out a little bit this technique is something that we'll dive into a little bit more in the future but that'll get you guys going is there any last-minute things you want to give these guys we'll go for a smoke versus help you not sounds so throaty a lot of people will sing straight from their throat real real far back you know and that's really hurtful to your vocal cords you'll end up doing a little damage so singing properly it'll actually when you get it and it kind of clicks and you feel that tone for the first time you can start using it more and more and it will feel seeing a lot easier you won't be so nervous about hitting that note I can't stand being on stage all night worrying about one note so this just may give you a little more confidence here yeah well thanks so much guys for watching this video like I said be sure to subscribe to the channel tell your basing friends about it and I be looking for stuff coming in the future watch the tips video that is already posted on the channel thank you so much Paul sermon I've taken your time for this video and let's work together to help snore everybody out dress them for the bed it's not a problem I don't think they care they care about the info not how you look out so thanks guys appreciate it.

hey guys thanks so much for joining us right here at the base singing Central YouTube channel where we are giving you guys tips and thoughts and techniques and all kinds of different stuff we're just basically trying to build a community for bass singers to come to to continue to develop as bass singers maybe to get some ideas for going lower going higher how to maybe make your voice sound fuller just anything basing but this is my friend Eric Bennett and he is with a group called triumphant quartet they are great there in southern gospel music and Eric is a fantastic Basinger and Eric door to nose and in another interview we did before I actually told you that you were one of the guys I listened to as I was a young man learning the same bass and I loved your singing you're a fantastic singers thank you and so I want you to just give these guys not necessarily your history but just some thoughts about bass singing what helps you along your journey maybe some tips for them and let's just have a discussion about singing bass so maybe we can help these guys out a little bit okay well first of all for me I used to you know one of the I had was a big Tim Riley fan and I love George Jones I loved several different singers but and I tried to do the mask you know the you I'm sure all of ya discussed that and trying to get it up in the mask and wear the the you know the point comes out at the forehead and for me that works to some degree but I think there's a combination between for me I don't know that I want to be known as the lowest bass singer in the world I just want to be known as somebody that can hit a low note here and there and so I don't and plus the the placement sometimes you have to make faces and you know different things yeah then I'm not willing to do on stage but so I don't want to go that route with it so I just chosen to hit a low note here there and not focus so much on Milo's I want to focus more on my upper range because and what we do not not everybody like you know sometimes some people are in different meet you know forms of music country music whatever but if you're in gospel music the number one thing is the message of the song and that the lyrics and so you want to be able to deliver those lyrics in a way that you know would touch somebody so I always tell that mimic Matt we're talking like this earlier if you touch an ear with your voice you'll be forgotten but if you touch somebody's heart with your voice you'll be remembered and I always say that every every quartet whatever has a bass singer that's why they're quartet and every bass singer is low that's why they sing the bass part so what is different about you if everybody if all bass singers just sing a low all the time then there would be no difference in Basinger so my thing is is to be to figure out who you are figure out how you want to sing and what kind of singer you want to be and do you want to leave the concert especially if you're the gospel music do you want to leave the concert somebody's saying wow that guy's low down I got can sing a low or do you want to leave the concert saying wow that guy made a difference in my life touch my heart whatever so that's that's kind of where I'm at with it and uh and I think those are fantastic tips because you know just going on what you were saying about what kind of a singer do you want to do I mean that was kind of one of the things that I said in one of the videos that I posted was just I picked some guys that I liked their voice but they were all different yes I mean I'll be honest with you I picked you because you can sing a melody of a song just superbly thank you I love listening to you seeing a lead and Ling a sing a verse on a song I listen to Tim Riley because Tim Riley can he said I want to sit on a low F and just make it sound as big as a house yes but I love listening to you sing just like you were just saying a song that has a beautiful message and so that's some of the things that people that I listen to for different reasons and then my voice just kinda kind of came into what it is and I don't feel like I sound like anybody know particularly it sounds like a good foul yes that's what I want yeah there's only one Matt felt yeah and and the thing about it is you know I knew a long time ago that I I'm not I'm not the type of singer to sit out on a low elf every night I'm just not that I'm I'm the most I'm the most consistent inconsistent singer that I know to be honest would I never know from that how my voice is gonna be so instead of me worried about it getting all freaked out about it you know right and because one of the I dunno this one of the best tips that I can give you as far as singing bass is to relax hey guys sorry for the edit but my arm started spazzing out so I went ahead a bit edit but Eric you were talking about the best tip you could give guys is yeah relax to relax but when I'm nervous man I've always cracked breaks all that stuff when I'm relaxed I can go out and just seem like the low stuff is easier and the high stuff is easier but you know God gifted us all in different ways and I was just really suggest that you be find out who you are and be you and be comfortable with that now do you have maybe just one tip for those guys that say you know I agree with that but I really feel like I can sing lower than I am do you have a tip or an exercise or a technique that maybe they can work on as a young guy or middle-aged guys to maybe get them to go a half step lower or a lower one thing that I do a lot of times is and this is going to sound weird but one thing I do is I put my tongue and the roof of my mouth and I just a hum okay if you just hum with it with their tongue in the roof of your mouth can and and and it seems to just it seems to make the voice come out up here as opposed to down here right and so that's that's the one tip that I have everybody like I said everybody has these tips that come out here and this and that but that's my one tip so cool but guys thanks so much again for watching thank you Eric Oliver doing great great words of wisdom Eric's of a pro man you've been doing how many years 20 about 25 full time yeah yeah so oh man you're not gonna get any better tips from anybody else for just straight-up singing bass no matter what genre you're in just becoming a better bass singer so thanks for watching once again basing Central go ahead and subscribe while you're here at the channel and be looking for future exercises more discussion videos with bass singers and techniques tips all that kind of fun.
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