How to Sing Acapella

Learning to sing is so much fun especially with your favorite songs. Today we're talking about singing in acapella ensembles. Now you may or may not have already done your time in an acapella ensemble. If not, I would say it's a really, really great idea to pull together probably, you know, three or four other friends of yours and rehearse an acapella piece of music. Singing in the shower can be a fun experience too.

Just for voice, obviously. The reason, I'm saying this is as an acapella ensemble, you will learn to lean on other singers, or lean on other devices. Rather than a rhythm section, rather than drums, guitar, or bass or keyboards. For your reference point as far as in music, you learn at that point. If you're not already playing an instrument, you learn basically to connect with the music that you're singing a bit more. Because you're in charge of the harmony and you're in charge of a certain part.

You're basically in charge of the keyboard part or a guitar part with your voice. You're learning at that point to emulate an instrument possibly, as well as uphold pitch, or uphold the general pitch of a group. One singer in an acapella group can bring the pitch down as much as a half step throughout a piece of music. So it's pretty important to be able to know that you're doing this properly.That you're able to hold a pitch consistently through an entire piece of music.

Breathe deeply when singing. Practice with a pitch pipe of course, or a definite pitch instrument, a piano hitting a key at the beginning of a piece of music. Let's say something as simple as “In the Still of the Night”. If you start with, “In the still of the night, I held you, held you tight”. And you end the tune, “In the still of the night”. Untrained singers need to learn to control middle and high notes.Control your breathing always. Maybe, one day you can be on american idol.

And then you're about a half-step, or a whole-step away from where you started. That's something you might want to work on a bit. So it's important to practice the fact that you can stay in pitch through an entire tune. What better way to do it than in a group of singers who have to rely on each other than to uphold the groove, more or less, or uphold instrumental parts.

Sometimes even percussion will give you a better sense for playing in an ensemble. Especially if you're not playing an instrument as well, which I believe every singer should. Alright? So, put together an acapella group today!


I'm going give you a singing lesson and this lesson is going be about singing acapella. Now one of my students previously was singing along to some music. She's singing along to James Bond and she sounded great. She was an advanced singer and I think she's just a teenager at 13 years of age.  But when she sang without the music she sounded off like she was completely off-key. It's like she didn't know how to sing at all compared to when she was singing with the song.

When she sounded really nice now what I noticed is that her tone was very well developed but her sense of key alone without following the singer wasn't developed. How can you learn how to do this? How can you learn to sing acapella without a guitar, without a backing singer, without the actual musical instruments, without the track itself? With nothing just with your voice? Practice low notes and high notes daily to improve your vocal range.

For example what are the best songs for learning to sing? Let's say lean on me. When you're not strong I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on. For it won't be long I'm gonna need somebody to lean on. Let's say you want to use that song when singing acapella. Without singing along to the song lean on me what you do is you play the song you sing with the song just for that line.

Sing the song say “lean on me” and then stop it. Then try to sing it by yourself. So play it lean on me pause, lean on me try to get it the same mix line when you're not strong. Then play it by you stop it when you're not strong and then try to remember the line before lean on me. When you're not strong and try to put it together okay so build that up say you're singing with the track lean on me pressing pause again lean on me by yourself all right. Practice the below singing acapella tips daily.

It's important that you do it by yourself and it's important that you get it right by yourself. Keep trying until you get it right. By listening to one section you're not overwhelmed. So if you're doing it's called a phrase and if you don't want a phrase at a time watch my other videos for more explanations about phrases.

If you do one phrase at a time that way it's not too much and you can get it right. An acapella on your own if you're trying just learning to sing the whole song by yourself and you've never sung that phrase on your own you've always sung the phrases with the singer. It's unlikely you're going get it right unless you are already very natural and you got a good idea of key and you're probably already a very advanced singer.

So what you do is yeah put the someone song on and pause it when you know I'll be your friends singer with the guy I'll be your friend and pause. I'll be your friend now I noticed when I get the first note really 100% on it helps me with the rest of the phrase so be like oh I'll get the first night I'll be your friend it's easier it's going I'll be your friend it's kind of hard to get the rest of it so when you get that first note it helps.

Another thing with girls sometimes you're seen in the wrong part of your voice. It's too hard for you to sing because it's a guy song and you're singing it too low so you might need to sing it higher. Some girls about lower voices and they find singing guys songs. It depends if you got to try to figure it out. It's not easy. That's where you need help like one-on-one help from a teacher to tell you what's going on.

In the meantime practivce by yourself. Try those singing acapella techniques with the song phrase by phrase not section by section not the whole chorus. Then when you're ready do it by sections so start with lean on me then just do that and then once you get through each individual bit. Once you've listened to it and then you've done a little learn then stop piecing them together lean on me when you're not strong so you got two phrases there eventually. You can also practice microphone techniques to help you.

Try to piece together the whole chorus so all the phrases within a section the verse the chorus whatever it might be that's the way to do it all right that's one way to do it that's how that's how I think you could you could definitely get that. That's how I do it myself when I'm sure to learn how to sing acapella. You can also learn that's a good way using songs and you can also use a scale to help you learn how to stay in key learning a major the major scale. This helped me when I first started to learn how to copy notes and to learn how to stay in in a particular key.

Now you don't need to do it with a scale you can do it with the songs it's just fine but um yeah scale is a different way that can help as well alright whatever you enjoy okay I like doing both I mainly do songs but I like doing a bit of scales now and then for different types of sounds and to keep me interested in different things because there's a lot of different types of scales. I hope you found this lesson useful give me a message if you've got any questions and I'll see. Go to the main page for all of our learn how to sing better categories you can learn.

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